OITIE is linked to the UNINTER FOUNDATION of Support in Education, Science and Technology, a non-profit organization supporting the research and development of applied technologies in education, maintained by the Uninter International University Center, located in the city of Curitiba - PR.

The International University Center UNINTER was created with the objective to overcome geographical barriers in order to take high level quality teaching throughout Brazil. In order to reach this goal, we trust in a highly qualified staff as well as in state-of-the-art technology.

The activities of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel are: evaluation of the post-graduate stricto sensu programs; access and dissemination of scientific material; investments in the formation of resources in the country and abroad; promotion of scientific international cooperation.

In Salamanca, the University of Salamanca – USAL, will be the focal point for the dissemination of the International Observatory for the Iberian Peninsula, indicating the Educational Institutions which would like to belong to this group.

The access to the national Observatory by teachers and researchers will take place by means of Brazilian network of Digital Preservation – Cariniana network, bound to the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Areas of OITIE Platform

Examples of types of technological areas to help in education:
Curriculum formation and training in how to use innovative technologies that can be applied in educational settings, best practice in research and scientific-article publications.
Learn about the institutions and share in their identities (History, Vision, Mission, Values, Philosophy and Policy), not being limited to just the institutional and marketing information in the public domain.
Learn Management System/Virtual Learning Environment – where the student has access to the on-line, distance education material.
Documentary archive, institutional repositories, learning objects, virtual and physical collections for students with borrowing/access control.


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